Ph.D. student position in Experimental BioPhysics

The University of Gothenburg, Faculty of Science announces;

Ph.D. student position in Experimental BioPhysics
placed at the Department of Physics

We are an interdisciplinary research group with a focus on developing and using experimental techniques for single cell analysis. Our main techniques involve optical manipulation, such as optical tweezers, holographic optical tweezers and optical force measurement, combined with microfluidics and modern optical imaging techniques. Today we focus our research on force measurements using holographic optical tweezers, the study of various signaling pathways in yeast and on characterizing the pericellular matrix on renal endothelial cells.

Third cycle education
This third cycle education will lead to a Ph.D. in Natural Sciences, or Natural Sciences with a specialisation in Physics, and comprises four years of full time study at the post graduate level. The time period can be extended to up to five years in total through teaching and/or other departmental duties.

We are looking for a skilled and highly motivated person with an exam at undergraduate level within Physics, Engineering Physics or similar with at least 240 hp, of which 60 hp at advanced level within Physics.

Theoretical and practical knowledge and interest in optics/photonics, biophysics and biotechnology are eligible qualifications. A genuine interest in interdisciplinary research is fundamental, since our techniques are applied within life science and medicine. Therefore, an interdisciplinary master thesis is considered an additional qualification as well as experience of experimental work in optical manipulation, microfluidics and/or optical imaging. The work will be carried out in an interdisciplinary research group, why emphasis is put on the applicants’ ability to both cooperate across scientific disciplines and independently carry out parts of the project.

For further information please contact
Docent Mattias Goksör, tel: +46 (0)31-786 9125,
Head of department, Bo Hellsing, tel: +46 (0)31-786 9176,


with more information.