International Contacts

The importance of Biophotonics has been realized all over the world. Typical of the field is its strong dynamics rendering the knowledge of international developments inside and outside of Europe in their earliest stages of utmost importance. Therefore, international contacts have to be built up, maintained and extended. Based on the information provided thereby it has to be evaluated, whether and in which form cooperation should be established.

PHOTONICS4LIFE is cooperating with several international partners.

Official International Partners

  • ARC/NHMRC Network "Fluorescence Application sin Biotechnology and Sife Sciences" represented by Prof. Ewa Goldys, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
  • The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures II Laserlab Europe represented by Prof. Wolfgang Sandner, Max Born Institute Berlin
  • Biomedical Photonics Network (A Group from Swiss Society for Optics and Microscopy) represented by PD Dr. Martin Wolf, Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory, University of Zurich
  • Jack Dodd Centre (JDC) for Quantum Technologies from the University of Otago represented by Dr. Igor Meglinski, Biophotonics & Biomedical Imaging Department of Physics University of Otago

Scientific Cooperations

  • OPTBIO , one of the joint research activities of Laserlab-Europe
  • Biophotonics4Life, the world-wide Biophotonics consortium
  • OASIS, means Open the Access to Life Science Infrastructures for SMEs. The project aims to take advantage of existing european resource to reduce time to market in Biophotonics by providing to SMEs an easy access to facilities, to renowned experts and funding services.

Contact person(s):


Gert von Bally

Prof. h.c. Gert von Bally

Phone: +49-251-8356888
Fax: +49-251-8358536
Mail:Ce [dot] BOP [at] uni-muenster [dot] de

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