Bridging the Gap

Rather than research Photonics4Life is more about the structuring and integration of Biophotonics in Europe. Various studies (e.g. Krauss Deloitte, Biophotonik 2005) identify the communication barriers between the different disciplines working in the field of Biophotonics as the main hurdle for growth and thus improved development of better health care applications and methods. The main goal of the network is therefore to improve the connection to the biomedical end-user (biologists and physicians) to break down these barriers. Our measurers to do so are:

  • Connecting to end-users via conferences and workshops and bringing them to the podium (e.g. at P4L-Meetings, the World-of-Photonics or the Photonics Europe)
  • Education of the various disciplines involved in Biophotonics, (e.g. by summer schools, interdisciplinary handbooks and tutorial material)
  • The setting up of the Biophotonics Database to create an overview over existing methods and techniques and to allow the identification of white spots among them
  • Dissemination to the biomedical users for showing the benefit optical technologies hold for health care

Contact person(s):


Juergen Popp

Prof. Dr. Juergen Popp

Phone: +49-3641-206-300
Fax: +49-3641-206-099
Mail:juergen [dot] popp [at] ipht-jena [dot] de

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