University of Muenster

University of Muenster

The University of Muenster is the 4th largest public institution for higher education and research in Germany. About 40.000 students are studying at the University of Muenster. It is organized in 15 departments and 7 faculties with 600 professors, 2700 research assistants and 1700 other staff members active in research and development not included 7.000 staff members of the University Clinics.

The University of Münster has developed a strong research profile in natural sciences, medicine, the humanities, law and business administration. It targets top-level research in high-performance areas and combines this with promoting first-class junior research staff.

Most relevant for this NoE are the Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The Medical Faculty together with the University Clinics are part of the Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet (WWU) and with a capacity of over 1.500 beds one of the largest hospital complexes in Germany. Approximately 420.000 patients per year receive high-level inpatient or outpatient treatment in 33 clinics and polyclinics where more than 7500 people are employed.

Over 3.000 students and postgraduates are currently studying at the hospital‟s Medical School. The top ranking fundamental research (no.1 in North Rhine Westfalia) is supported by more than 26 M Euro third party funds per year and has contributed largely to the prominent international reputation of the University hospital of Muenster. Due to its large capacities, the hospital can provide the PHOTONICS4LIFE network
with all the required medical expertise and material.


Schlossplatz 2
D-48149 Münster



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Prof. h.c. Gert von Bally