Solid Mechanics Laboratory (LMS)

Solid Mechanics Laboratory (LMS)

Solid Mechanics Laboratory has recently started activities in biomechanics. The primary focus is the effect of mechanical solicitations on cells or tissues behaviours. At the cell level, LMS is developing microfluidics methods to study cell adhesion. The flow is used either to control the environment of the cells, to induce mechanical stimulations changing the spreading or the motility, or to use the flow to peel away the cells. Combined with white light or fluorescent microscopy, this allows to study the interaction between the surface coating (e.g. collagen) and the cell.

At the tissue level, LMS developed a specific traction apparatus, which is compatible with a microscopic objective. This device helps investigate the relationship between local composition and fiber structure in tissue such as ligament or Dura-Mater, imaged through OCT or SHG techniques. Such results are very useful for models including the local microstructure of tissues.


Laboratoire de Mécanique des Solides
Ecole Polytechnique
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