Sint-Augustinus Hospital Antwerp

Sint-Augustinus Hospital Antwerp

The Sint-Augustinus hospital is a general hospital with 610 beds. As of January 1st 2009 the Sint-Augustinus hospital has merged with the Sint-Vincentius and the Sint-Jozef hospitals to form the GZA (Gasthuis Zusters Antwerpen) hospital group.
The hospitals are equipped with the latest technology in both the medical as well as the logistical area. With ever changing technologies and patient needs care is taken to continuously adapt the offered health services. By cooperating with other institutes the quality of the ambulatory care, hospitalization and home care for the Antwerp region is guaranteed. The academic department of otorhinolaryngology of the Sint-Augustinus hospital is world renowned for the development of different surgical and technological techniques, like the transplantation of the ear drum and the ossicles, stapedotomy for otosclerosis and skull base surgery. The department is also a pioneer in the neonatal auditory screening. As an academic department a lot of effort is put in scientific research.


GasthuisZusters Antwerpen
Sint-Augustinuslaan 20
B-2610 Wilrijk



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