MIRA Institute for biomedical technology and technical medicine

MIRA Institute for biomedical technology and technical medicine

Technological research is the catalyst for innovation in healthcare. MIRA combines fundamental, applied and clinical science with clinical trials. This unique research path stimulates a successful application of fundamental concepts and enables healthcare to rapidly introduce new treatments. MIRA works closely with hospitals, the business community and governmental organizations, aiming to secure its leading position in Europe.

The Polymer and Biomaterials Group, part of the MIRA institute for biomedical technology and technical medicine. The group is represented by Dr. Piet Dijkstra. The group has a long-standing expertise in developing biomaterials for a wide range of applications, for example tissue regeneration.

Topics in research in the group are:

  • Drug and gene delivery 
Targeted delivery of pharmaceuticals to an intended site of action in the body is one of the most important issues for the next generation of therapeutics. Polymeric nanoparticles with surface-attached functionalities directed towards certain receptors/cell types can function as carriers for targeted drug or gene delivery.
  • Biodegradable polymers 
Polylactides and their copolymers are key biodegradable polymers used widely for biomedical, pharmaceutical and ecological applications. The development of synthetic pathways and catalyst/initiator systems to produce pre-designed polylactides has continuously been an important topic.
  • Tissue engineering 
Tissue engineering is a revolutionary strategy to treat patients who need a new organ or tissue. Generally this strategy is utilized through culturing cells within biodegradable polymer scaffolds followed by implantation.



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