Lund Laser Centre


The Lund Laser Centre (LLC) is a multi-disciplinary unit within the Lund University (LU), consisting of researchers from the Science, Engineering and Medical Faculties of the University.

The LLC is a European Large Scale Infrastructure within the European research landscape and is member of the LASERLAB-Europe integrated initiative. The Lund University Medical Laser Centre (LUMLC) is part of the LLC, and is specially set up to integrate research activities ranging from medicine to science and technology. Within the LLC and the LUMLC, comprising some 100 scientists from different disciplines, the Atomic Physics Division (headed by Professor Sune Svanberg) which is part of the Physics Department) and the Departments of Oncology and Dermatology form the center-line of activity. The cross-disciplinary work extends from tissue optics and modelling of light propagation in tissue to fluorescence diagnostics of malignant disease, optical
mammography and photodynamic therapy (PDT) of tumours. A close coupling to research in pharamaceutical development exists (collaboration with AstraZeneca). During the last 20 years 20 PhD theses in the Biophotonics field have been presented (the Lund group was one of the pioneers in the field). The activities in the Biomedical Optics group at LLC (headed by Professor Stefan Andersson-Engels) extends from the development of mathematical models for diagnostics and dosimetry to the pursueing of clinical trials. Spectraphos AB, SpectraCure AB and Gasporox AB are spin-off companies generated from the research.

The Lund Laser Centre has a broad research profile from astrophysics, and femtochemistry to laser particle acceleration and the generation and application of attosecond pulses. Close collaboration with the MAX-lab synchrotron radiation facility also located in Lund exists. The Centre constitutes the largest unit in atomic, molecular, laser and optical physics in Scandinavia. A Master´s specialization in photonics is offerered in Lund, now being extended as an International master exam. In a recent national competition between all Swedish universities, covering all areas of scientific research, twenty projects were selected for additional funding (10 years). One of the projects selected by the all-international committee was “Interdisciplinary laser spectroscopy at the Lund Laser Centre”.

The Biophotonics activities are included in this project and benefits from the very large and multi-faceted competence at the Centre.


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