Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée

Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée

The group Optics – Photonics – Health is part of the Laboratory of Applied Optics which belongs to the ENSTA ParisTech and Polytechnique engineering schools and the CNRS.

The group works on ultrashort pulse laser surgery of the anterior segment of the eye, notably for corneal grafting and glaucoma surgery. In both cases the intervention has to be performed in optically scattering medium. The group could demonstrate that the performance of the surgical laser is strongly related to the tissue optics of the anterior segment of the eye. Assessing corneal transparency in a laboratory setting in transmission and backscattering geometries with high precision and establishing correlations with the tissular structure characterised by complementary methods has since become the main activity of the workgroup. Based on insight gained by the transparency studies the group could develop optimised laser sources which are specifically adapted to pathological corneal tissue and thus considerably improve the performance of the surgical laser.

In collaboration with other partners the group also works on multiphoton and nonlinear imaging and optical coherence tomography of the anterior segment of the eye.
Contact person: Karsten PLAMANN, researcher


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