Institute for Medical Science and Technology

Institute for Medical Science and Technology

Incremental innovations are insufficient in today’s fast-moving world, and biomedical device companies recognize the need to invest in more disruptive innovation if they are to protect and grow their businesses. Identifying and capturing the disruptive opportunities that arise at the interfaces between clinical procedures and research into medicine, biology, engineering and physics is hard for a company and often high risk. The purpose of the Institute for Medical Science & Technology (IMSaT) is to create a dedicated process, organisation and network that bind together researchers from across these disciplines with clinicians, health service providers, biomedical device companies and funders/investors, to identify and rapidly implement new devices.


Institute for Medical Science and Technology
University of Dundee
Wilson House, 1 Wurzburg Loan
Dundee Medipark
Dundee DD2 1FD

United Kingdom


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