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FDG, headquartered in Milano, is a non-profit organisation involved in the fields of health, rehabilitation, training and international cooperation. It holds 28 centres in 9 Italian regions, with more than 3500 beds and about 5500 operators employed. In 5 centres the Don Gnocchi Foundation performs an activity of scientific research and, in two of them, it has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as “IRCCS” (research hospital of national interest) in the field of rehabilitation and, in particular, in the research lines of advanced technology, biotechnology, neuroscience and neurological, cardiological and pulmonary rehabilitation, disability. Each year, in all these fields, more than one hundred of peer reviewed papers are published on international journals, and about 150 research projects are planned, declared to Italian Ministry of Health (the government institution monitoring the activity of research hospitals) and actually executed, leading to translational results applicable at patient’s bed.

Within Don Gnocchi Foundation, the Biomedical Technology Department (“Polo Tecnologico”) exists from more than 25 years, with deep experience on biosensors, devices for rehabilitation and assistive technologies. More than hundred projects have been run in the field of technology applied to disability and rehabilitation, also at European level (from the first framework programmes).

Since 3 years, within this department, a Biophysics and Nanomedicine Lab. is present, strictly collaborating with the Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology Lab in the same centre. More than 20 researchers are employed in these two labs, with different and collaborating skills (biology, nanotechnology, immunology, neurology, engineering, physics), and a good technical equipment is available, especially in the field of biotechnology. The nanotech equipment is available in collaborating institutions devoted to micro- and nanotechnology. In particular, FDG’s Biophysics and Nanomedicine Lab collaborates with some major national and international facilities like Milan Polytechnical School and Milan University, Elettra Synchrotron Radiation lab (Trieste), Bionem Lab (Catanzaro), CEA (Grenoble), Tyndall Institute (Cork), etc.


Polo Tecnologico – Biomedical Technology Department
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