Department of Surgery & Cancer

Department of Surgery & Cancer


The Department of Surgery and Cancer was previously known as the Division of Surgery, Oncology, Reproductive Biology and Anaesthetics (SORA). It comprises the Division of Surgery, and the Division of Cancer. Their focus is on both basic science and translational research, which will be of clear benefit to patients. They will be developing a platform for personalized healthcare drawing on biomolecular medicine expertise to underpin a cohesive approach crossing the boundaries of surgical technology, safety, intensive care, basic science research in cancer and reproductive biology and toxicology as well as clinical research in surgery, oncology and obstetrics and gynaecology. A wide range of education programmes at all levels is available to train the doctors and scientists for the future.


Professor Eric W. Lam is a professor of Molecular Oncology and is part of the Division of Cancer in the Department of Surgery and Cancer. He is part of a group working on Cancer Cell Biology, where research is done to delineate molecular mechanisms responsible for carcinogenesis. One of the key themes within this has been an emphasis on signaling within cancer cells, especially the role of the hormonal receptors in diseases such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. As many individuals relapse following initial therapy, it is crucial to identify the factors implicated in resistance to standard therapy, with the ultimate aim of increasing the cure rate. One of the major objectives here is to focus on new molecules within cancer cells that may be future druggable targets.


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