Center for Bioethics

Center for Bioethics

The CfB focuses on developments in the area of natural and life sciences as well as medical research. The main emphasis is the ethical and legal problems and matters which evolve out of increased knowledge and new options for action in these areas.
Key focuses are ethical and legal issues which accompany the problem of research on human stem cells and the ethics of nanobiotechnology. Members of the Centre act as ethical advisors to politicians and scientists in questions such as stem cell research, nanotechnology, genetic testing, human enhancement et cetera. In addition he is scientific coordinator of the centre of advanced study in bioethics at Muenster University ( The research group intends to debate theoretical fundamentals for the justification of bioethical norms, drawing on philosophical metaethics, normative ethics, legal and political philosophy on the one hand and a critical reassessment of crucial public disputes in biomedical ethics, biomedical law and biopolitics which have taken place during the last 30 years on the other. The project aims at (re-) consolidating these two branches of debate and at facilitating reciprocal learning processes, in order to achieve a theoretically reliable and normatively cogent way of addressing issues of medical ethics and biopolitics. In 2009 Johann S. Ach served as a member of the the Nanomed Round Table (NRT). NRT is a “Coordination and support action” in the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) Nanosciences. The Nanomed Round Table's main purpose was to provide to European stakeholders a set of recommendations to support decision making regarding nanomedical innovations ( In addition he has been member of the Nano2Life ( and NanoBio-RAISE ( projects. PD Dr. Johann S. Ach is managing director of the centre for bioethics (CFB) at Muenster University (


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