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Akdeniz University is a state university consists of 18 faculties, 7 Institutes, 13 Vocational Schools, 39 research and application centers in Antalya one of the tourism capitals of Turkey. The primary mission of Akdeniz University is to provide a high level of education, which is closely integrated with the academic world; to establish high quality programmes, which support student mobility; to create scientific research and applications to a global standard with universal relevance; to transform our scientific projects into technologically viable products; to meet the needs of society for knowledge, technology and social solutions at the most advanced level through ongoing programmes in the fields of education, health and other vital services.
Biomedical Optics Research Unit (BMO) is part of Faculty of Medicine. Currents research activities focused on tissue spectroscopy and diffuse optical tomography. In tissue spectroscopy, elastic light scattering spectroscopy has been used to differentiate cancerous tissues from normal tissues for different organs. Developing and testing continues wave diffuse optical tomography systems to detect breast tumors is one of the major research filed in BMO.


Prof. Dr. Murat Canpolat
Biomedical Optics Research Unit
Department of Biophysics
Faculty of Medicine
Akdeniz University

Dumlupınar Boulevard
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